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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Eastnor Castle Chilli Festival 2012 Review

Mobile Hotel "Woody" Firefoods

What a great location for an event, Eastnor Castle may be a modern castle, it was originally built between 1810 and 1824, so has not seen the bloody battles etc, but apart from the fact it is not a ruin, it is just what every child thinks a castle would look like with its impressive entrance gatehouse opening up into a court yard and the castle.

Eastnor Castle

From the stall holders point of view everything looked very well organised, the stalls all around the outside of the courtyard facing in leaving a large area in the middle for the visitors to mingle. The only slight problem was the number of visitors which seemed to have been a few more that they expected, the parking while spacious, was not well organised and caused tailbacks on the road leading to the castle, while at the entry point to the event they has undermanned the ticket sales, I think from arrival at the parking to entry was about 40 minutes for us.. But all that is forgiven by the location and next year they will be experienced at the number of people who turn up for chillies.
On the lower terrace was a small stage for the music and a cooking demonstration marquee and finally appearing in the main courtyard was a very entertaining Juggler and Fire Eater.

Eastnor Castle

Taking a speedy look around the house which all trades were invited on the Sunday to have FREE access seems to be packed with armour and other historic artefacts, and well worth visiting at a more leisurely pace. Now there is lots I have left out about the location, mainly due to the fact I did not get to see it all, but from all accounts the grounds and lake are well worth a walk around, they have a maze, junior assault course, a children’s adventure playground, as well as the essential Tea rooms and Ice Cream Parlour.

"Woody" Wonker at his stall

On the second day we had some rain and the visitor numbers were down but still a very good crowd. All in all a very good event and one we will be going back to every year.

Finally a mention must be made to a great mate "Woody" from fire foods who always make my stay in my caravan a laugh. I feed him large meals for breakfast and Dinner and have a few beers and cannot wait now for our next adventure in 3 weeks time at the Derbyshire Food & Drink Festival at Hardwick Hall.

Friday, 4 May 2012

"Woodys" dinner for tonight cooking !!!!

Tonights Dinner Cooking !!!

Keeping in line with the "Chilli" theme what else but Chilli Con Carn for tonights dinner in the caravan with my mate "Woody" from Fire Foods !!!!.

Dont forget to come and see us both at Eastnor Castle Food Festival this weekend

Thursday, 3 May 2012

We are on the menu at the Cadogan Hotel, Slone Square AGAIN !!

Cadogan Hotel, Slone Square, London

We have just been informed by Will Oakley General manager of the 5 Star Cadogan Hotel, Slone Square, London that our Gold 2 Star British Taste Award Danson, Quince & Port Jelly is again on the the new menu launched today, curated by Thomasina Miers and Lucas Hollweg.

Thomasina Miers is an English cook, writer and television presenter. She is married to investment banker Mark Williams. Born in Cheltenham she studied at St Paul's Girls' School and Ballymaloe Cookery School and worked as a freelance cook and writer, with influences from time spent in Mexico.

In 2005 she won the BBC TV cookery competition MasterChef, "impressing judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace with her bold and, at times, eccentric cooking style".

She opened the first of her own restaurants, Wahaca, in the West End of London in August 2007, focused on Mexican street foods. In October 2008 a second Wahaca opened at Westfield in London. Since then she has opened two further restaurants in Canary Wharf and Soho and in 2011, Wahaca launched their first mobile street kitchen, selling Mexican street food on the streets of London.

Thomasina Miers

Lucas Hollweg is a self-taught cook who gave up life as a food editor and features journalist to spend more time in the kitchen. His popular recipe column in The Sunday Times Style magazine has many happy readers, who enjoy his easy, laid-back and delicious grub. Good Things to Eat is his first cookbook.
Lucas Hollweg

Mobile Hotel FIREFOODS

Just fetched caravan (or should I say mobile hotel FIREFOODS) ready for Eastnor Castle Chilli Festival this weekend

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The Mini Jar Company Wedding Favours

Example of Wedding Favour Label

Are you getting married this year and want some unusual WEDDING FAVOURS ???? Look no further and see the offering of our Specialised Hand Made Preserves.

We are offering a 5% discount to the ON-Line price for fellow TWITTER'S" when placing their order and also offering a "FREE" customised label (normal cost £20:00) free of charge.

Dont delay and call today for details

Monday, 23 April 2012

"Woody" tastes NEW Lime Chutney

Nick Woods "Woody" from Fire Foods trying the Lime Chutney

Nick Woods "Woody" owner of Fire Foods tried the Lime Chutney from The Mini Jar Company over the weekend at Chatsworth Food Fair.

GREAT !!!! was the reaction from him although he commented that it was not as hot as his products which can be found at